Clinton to Amarillo

When the day is dawning, on a Texas Sunday morning…we’ll still be in Clinton, OK.

It eventually stopped raining at some point overnight but it was still overcast this morning as we headed out. (It then poured down again and didn’t stop until mid afternoon!) As it’s a Sunday pretty much everything was closed, so our plans to visit the couple of museums were scuppered straight away. So we didn’t get to see the Route 66 museums in Clinton or Elk City or the Devil’s Rope Museum in McLean, TX.

It meant that we could put some miles on the clock and despite getting caught up in a bit of traffic when an accident on the I-40 forced vehicles onto 66 and a wide load vehicle then got stuck on the smaller road, we made good progress into Texas and Amarillo.

As a result we decided to take a trip down to the Palo Duro Canyon State Park today instead of doing it tomorrow morning. The canyon 25 miles south of Amarillo, is the second largest in the world and is very picturesque. We parked up and went on a quick 2 mile trek through the park before continuing through the park in the jeep.

We headed back to Amarillo to find a place to stay and then went for dinner at The Big Texan. This place does a 72oz steak dinner that if you can eat in an hour is free. I wasn’t quite that hungry so settled for an 18oz filet instead!

Miles travelled today: 273
Total miles travelled: 1290


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