Tucumcari to Gallup

Quite a boring day today as we spent most of it in the car.

We left Tucumcari at around 9am and headed towards Albuquerque. Our one and only stop of the day (not counting for food) was the The Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, a natural bell shaped pool that is 80 feet deep and has amazing clarity. It’s a good scuba diving location in what is basically a desert area!

The roads were pretty clear as they have been for most of the trip until we got to Albuquerque where it took us about 40 minutes to go only a couple of miles. We stopped off for lunch at the 66 Diner for a hot dog, burger and a shake before jumping back into the car.

Our original plan was to stay in Albuquerque for the night but having reviewed our plans and adjusted our timings based on our journey so far, we realised that we may have left ourselves with too much to do tomorrow. It would be a long journey as well as a quite a few things to do along the way.

So we carried on heading west, and decided to try and make it as far as Gallup. We phoned ahead to El Rancho to see if they had any rooms available (they did) and so booked ourselves in when we got there just before sunset.

Miles travelled today: 322
Total miles travelled: 1740

Longest train seen: 125 carriages (pulled by 5 engines)


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