Ahh yes… ‘About me’ pages, always difficult to write something in these damn things, isn’t it? Reminds me of those “describe yourself in three words” questions you used to get in job interviews. Even worse than that though, was the “how would your friends describe you in 3 words” ones. Always difficult not to make yourself look like a narcissistic prick!

So here goes… a 40-something-year-old pessimist working in online media (see below) who enjoys a bit of football, listening to most kinds of music, and getting to grips with technology.

I graduated in the mid-nineties with a degree in Business Information Systems and then decided not to utilise this in any way, shape or form by going to work in the licensed retail trade running pubs as a Relief/Holding Manager for a few years. After getting disillusioned with this (a story for another time) I got into Search Marketing for a London agency before getting made redundant. Ten months on the scrap heap allowed me time to develop my own mobile phone content business before a stint selling mobile phones and then a spell as an IT technician kept me busy.

I joined another Search Marketing company in 2004 as a Search Manager and then through a couple of company buy-outs went through working on Paid Inclusion Search, PPC, Comparison Shopping Engines, Social Media, heading up a Partnerships team, and now I spend my days as Agency Technology Lead for a major media investment company.

As I said up there, I like a bit of football and I’m a season ticket holder at West Ham. Up until a few years ago, I would turn out on a Sunday morning and play for a Sunday League team called Medway 2000 FC for whom I was also the club Secretary/Chairman/Treasurer. Unfortunately, the knees started to cause me too many problems and so I had to retire after playing for 32 years!

However, I put on a bit of weight during Covid Times so in September 2021 I signed up for Man v Fat football as a way of losing weight and keeping (relatively) fit. As the weight loss and fitness has got a bit better since joining Man v Fat I started running last year and actually started playing 11-a-side football once again, and I’m bloody enjoying it too!

In the rest of my (limited) spare time, I like to watch the odd film or two, and enjoy a bit of gaming on a variety of Sony gaming consoles. The rest of my time is spent looking after My Two Girls.