Amarillo to Tucumcari

After setting off this morning we made our first stop after only 6 miles at the Cadillac Ranch just off the main Route. Created in 1974, it consists of 10 cadillacs (from 1949 to 1964) planted nose down into the ground and visitors are allowed (or should that be requested) to graffiti on them. Needless to say we had a go and I was particularly pleased with my dancing man, before 10 minutes later someone else came along and sprayed over it 🙁

Continuing on, we came to a monumental town, Adrian TX. This town only has a population of 166 but it is the geo-mathematical centre of Route 66 and the Midpoint Cafe sits as close to that exact point as is possible. We stopped for a quick bite to eat and we both sampled some of their famous Ugly Crust pie.

If you’ve seen the movie Cars, then you may remember Flo’s V8 Cafe. It is the Midpoint cafe that this is based on and Flo is based on the cafe’s owner, Fran, and the two sisters Tia and Mia are also based on two sisters that work there.

22 miles west of Adrian, just before the Texas/New Mexico border, we got to drive on an older section of the road. It was basically a gravel road, 15 miles long with nothing to see except for cows, we didn’t see another car while on this stretch. As the states changed there was a noticeable difference in the terrains. The flat plains of Texas made way for a rockier landscape with more character.

We made it to Tucumcari and checked into another famous, if not the most famous Route 66 motel, The Blue Swallow. We spent the afternoon walking around the town on a mural hunt, all done by local artists Doug and Sharon Quarles, depicting various iconic images of local and Route 66 life.

After last night’s steak in Texas it was only right that today we had Mexican food so we headed out to Del’s Restaurant for some enchiladas, rice and beans.

Miles travelled today: 128
Total miles travelled: 1418

Song of the day: Styx – Come Sail Away