Flagstaff to Grand Canyon

After yesterday’s trip to Meteor Crater, today started with a trip to another crater. Situated 12 miles north of Flagstaff, and so not actually on Route 66, is Sunset Crater, a volcano that erupted 1,000 years ago. We took a walk around the lava flow fields which involved a bit of scrambling across large lava rocks to get around it. The surroundings also offer excellent views of the snow topped San Francisco Peaks in the distance.

After a drive to the highest point within the national park, we turned round and headed back to Flagstaff to catch up with 66. Like yesterday, a lot of the drive is now done on I-40 and it wasn’t long before we were passing through (or rather, beside) Bellemont and Parks.

Before we got to Williams though, we turned off onto highway 64 for the 50-mile trip north to the Grand Canyon. I was glad we stopped to fill up on gas in Flagstaff because on Highway 64 the price rose by up to 70 cents a gallon!

We then dropped off our bags in our room and headed down to the canyon rim to take in the views and then go for what I thought would be a nice stroll. Little did I know, the wife had something else planned. More than 5 miles and three hours later we eventually came to a stop! There are some fantastic views along the route and we could have taken hundreds of photos, but we were quite reserved when it came to capturing those Kodak moments.

Miles travelled today: 141
Total miles travelled: 2153

Miles walked today: 8 but feels like 80!


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