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Man holding his head in sadness looking at his laptop

The Importance Of Backing Up

Don’t you just hate it when you make significant changes to a website, cock it up, delete a load of stuff & realise you haven’t done a back-up in a long while?

The numbers 2024 in front of some fireworks

New Year, New Meh!

After the decidedly average 2023, 2024 limped pathietically into existence with a whimper.

Man holding his knee

That’s Torn It

When I started running earlier this year I didn’t think that I’d have to stop just two months later. I have torn the meniscus in my knee and now need physio.

Meat Loaf Gone Like A Bat Out Of Hell

Musically speaking, Meat Loaf has been a massive part of my life for as long as I can remember. When I was about seven years old I would listen to my dad’s cassette album of...

A dog from the movie Ghostbusters Aferlife

What To Watch This Year? The 2022 Movie Challenge

Sometimes when you’re trawling through Twitter you find some interesting accounts. One of the most recent ones I’ve started following is called @Thereisnocat_. It posts a picture and, despite the account’s name, you have to...

Julian Clary on stage in the West End

A Pantomime Trip To London

Last night, The Wife and I took Little E up to London to take her to her first-ever West End show.

Cafe Latte

Wake Up & Smell The Coffee

Working from home full time during these covid times does have its benefits. None more so than saving an absolute fortune not having to commute into London 4 days a week!

Deserted streets at Piccadilly Circus

Lockdown 2: Lock Harder

So today we go into another lockdown and this time it’s put a spanner in the works of some things we had planned over the next month or so.