Man Versus Fat Update

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It’s been over eighteen months since I signed up for Man Versus Fat Football and in that time we’ve played five seasons, are about to complete our sixth one, and I have finally hit my target of 10% weight loss!

The first 5% dropped off relatively quickly, it’d gone before the end of the first season. But since then it has been one hard slog to drop down the scales just a little bit more. This wasn’t helped after getting injured and being out for 15 weeks. But I have found it hard going not to yo-yo each week. Losing weight one week and then putting some of it back on the following week has been the story of the last year!

But something happened a few months back, I got more focussed and found my mojo once again. I’ve managed to keep a steady loss over a number of weeks and I’ve managed to get to that all important (well to me, anyway) figure of 10% weight loss.

My regular running has helped, but I think the more attention I’ve been paying to what I am eating has been a big contributor to this. I’ve also tried really hard not to graze while I am making dinners and lunches for The Girls!

There’s a new season starting next month after a shuffle of players and teams so I am hoping that I can continue this positive journey with whoever my new team mates will be…