Why You No Play Me iTunes Playlist. Update 4

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Why You No Play Me

So six years to the day since I last blogged about it, it’s time to take a look at the songs that I’ve added to my iTunes library but failed to then play so they end up within my Why You No Play Me playlist.

Since that last blog post, my song library has grown to over 27,000 songs. But more importantly, I have changed the way in which I listen to most of my music, especially when I’m out of the house.

Over the last few years, I have started using Spotify a lot more, and so my iPod has become more redundant over time to the point where it hasn’t been used for a couple of years. Being housebound while working from home during Covid-times was probably the final nail in its coffin.

When I’m out and about and wanting to listen to music, Spotify and Google Podcasts on my phone is how I consume my audio. At home, I’m still using Sonos for radio, playlists, and to listen to my music library. However, when I listen to my own collection through it, iTunes doesn’t count songs as being played even though Sonos utilises the iTunes library files.

This is why a large number of songs that I’ve added to my collection over the last six years have a play count of zero in iTunes.

Why You No Play Me
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Some 3700 of them! If you include Christmas songs. Which we won’t for now. So make it 1500.

So as it’s the time for new beginnings I’m going to start using iTunes a bit more while working from home to make my way through those songs. Shouldn’t take too long!

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