In Noddy’s Words, “It’s Christmas!”

It's Christmas
It's Christmas

Nothing gets me in the mood for Christmas than Christmas songs, although it’s not right to play them too early, which is why I wait until December the first before I start blaring Mariah Carey and Michael Buble out of my speakers.

The first of the month also signals the start of Whamageddon, the yearly challenge to get as far through December without hearing Last Christmas by Wham!. If you can make it to 23:59 on Christmas then you’ve won. Not a prize or anything. Just bonus smugness.

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Whamageddon Rules

I love me some Christmas songs and over the years have amassed a collection of over 3,000 songs. This has allowed me to create a couple of Whamageddon-safe Christmas playlists which I work through while at home, safe in the knowledge that George Michael does not come in my ears.

The first playlist starts with The Ghosts of Oxford St soundtrack, moves onto the Star Wars Christmas album and then through many, many Christmas mash-up albums and finishes off with quite a few comedy albums. Some of these tracks are not safe for little ears so I have to be careful with The Girls around. The Wife isn’t fond of some of them either! But it has become my own little Christmas tradition to play it all the way through.

Once this playlist has been completed it’s onto the second one which is all of the other Christmas songs I’ve got, with the exception of Last Christmas (obviously) and those on the first playlist. Usually this is set to shuffle so that it really mixes the music up and it tends to last until the big day itself.

So avoiding Wham! is not too difficult while at home when you can really control what you’re listening to. It’s when you’re out doing your Christmas shopping that you really need to be careful!

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