A Pantomime Trip To London

Panto At The Palladium
Julian Clary in Panto At The Palladium

Last night, The Wife and I took Little E up to London to take her to her first-ever West End show.

Through an acquaintance at work, we had been offered tickets to Pantoland At The Palladium, a celebration of all things pantomime. It had Donny Osmond as the headline star along with British greats Julian Clary, Gary Wilmot, Paul Zerdin, and the Tiller Girls.

Our tickets also had us sitting in the premium seats with our own table and complimentary drinks and sweets in one of the private bars beforehand!

The show was really good fun with pretty much constant laughs throughout. The highlight for Little E was their humourous version of the Twelve Days of Christmas, even if the big explosion made her jump right out of her seat!

Paul Zerdin was on good form and pulled out his “2 people from the audience with masks on” sketch. Julian Clary was as camp as Butlins and brilliant as the host of the evening, driving what little story there was.

We all enjoyed it but I hope that Little E doesn’t think we’ll have that kind of service and seats whenever we take her again!

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