Losing Weight The Man v Fat Football Way

Man v Fat Football
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Lockdown and The Covid haven’t been great for me healthwise. As I no longer commute to the office I’m not walking a few miles each day. My daily step count has gone from 12,000+ to about 12. My “office” is also far too close to the fridge!

So as I’d put on a bit of timber recently I started looking into what I could do to lose some weight and came across Man v Fat. The premise is simple, join a team, play football, eat sensibly, exercise a bit if you can, and hopefully lose weight.

But it’s not just the score of the games that determines whether your team wins or loses each week. , The weight that you lose individually and as a team scores you goals as well.

I found out that they were setting up a league close to home and so I signed up. After getting enough people joined up we were all assigned a team and had an initial weigh-in which set our starting weight for the season. We had a couple of weeks of friendly kickabouts before the season proper kicked off.

We’ve now played a few league games and I have seen a small bit of weight loss so that’s a good start. Hopefully the knees hold out so that I can keep on this journey and get my weight back down again.

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