Lockdown 2: Lock Harder

Quiet Piccadilly Circus
Quiet Piccadilly Circus

So today we go into another lockdown and this time it’s put a spanner in the works of some things we had planned over the next month or so.

First up, The Wife and I had both booked days off next week so that we could do something enjoyable for my birthday. Traditionally we would always visit a zoo or animal park for a day out but now we won’t be able to as everything is shut. Going out for a meal would have been nice as well but all the restaurants are shut. Take-away it is then!

Later in the month we were going to start our Christmas plans with a trip to Marsh Farm for The Girls to enjoy the Father Christmas Experience there, but they have to shut as well. We hurriedly booked an extra date a bit closer to Christmas, because there is a lack of Santa Claus activities going on this year. Our traditional visit to see Santa on Christmas Eve wasn’t happening this year but we wanted them to at least visit him once, even if they would just cry at him!

Little E’s swimming lessons have all been cancelled again but at least the parks are staying open this time so if we need to get out of the house at the weekend there’s somewhere fun for them to go!

Hopefully they don’t extend the lockdown further in December because we need to at least have some enjoyment!

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