Drifting at Rockingham

Drifting Away

For my last birthday, The Wife bought me a Red Letter Days driving experience and as I’d already done some supercar and stunt driving she had gone a little bit different this time and bought me a drifting experience.

Taking place at Rockingham Circuit again, or more specifically outside of the race track next to the car park, it was a half-day session learning how to do donuts in a rear-wheeled-drive Lexus, drift it around corners, and generally drive like you were a teenager in a MkII Ford Escort at Lakeside retail park in the 1990s!

As it was a dry day, they had to keep spraying the track down with water to make sure the cars could actually slide, this did make it a bit slippery out there and I did manage to lose control of the car a couple of times, but I kept going.

It wasn’t the best organised day as there were only two instructors and two cars so this meant that there was a lot of hanging around between your turn in the car. Of the two instructors, the one I kept being partnered with was as much help as a Microsoft Word paperclip. Apart from a couple of sentences of vague instructions she kept quiet as I tried to get the car to do what she wanted. On the one time I got the other instructor, she would keep talking and instructing as I drove around the course*.

In the end I managed to get some of the basics down and got the car to slide properly, even if it did mean running over a lot of cones in the process!

*”Course” is probably a bit of an over-exaggeration, it was basically a load of cones laid out around the car park!