Fiat Punto

A Sad Day

One day short of exactly seventeen years since I bought it, today we said farewell to our excellent Punto. A couple of small scrapes, one time being rear-ended, two breakdowns requiring AA low loaders to take us home, and 69,000 miles of memories made. It’s been an absolute joy driving the blue beast for so long!

I bought the car back in 2002 on the success of my website, and I’d bought it new, which to me was a big deal back then as I’d only had second-hand cars picked up at auctions before.

I’d done a lot of research and managed to find the exact model I wanted in the right colour at a car supermarket in Hampshire. It was a 1.2 litre, 12v Sporting model in Teseo Blue. It had the bonus of having both a sunroof and air-conditioning which you wouldn’t normally get through a main dealer, it was either one or the other. Buying through the car supermarket was also going to save me about £3k on the standard price.

Over the next seventeen years, the Punto was used to tour the UK on various day trips and holidays, ferry footballers all around Kent laden with football kit and equipment, and other numerous monumental journeys.

I looked after the Punto over the years, the interior was still spotless all these years later, and apart from some chips on the bonnet of the car the bodywork was in good condition save for one scratch across the front and some paint bubbling on the roof.

It was somewhat a bit of a surprise when it failed its MOT at the end of July on a few points and it required some welding to get it safely through the test. Unfortunately, this was going to cost more than the car was worth and so the very tough decision was made that it was time to let my beloved Punto go.

This morning we drove the car down to our local WeBuyAnyCar office and after some inspection sadly handed over the keys.

It’s been a blast driving that blue beast for so long and it will sadly missed.

Long live the spirito de punto!