On The Trail of The Gruffalo

One thing we like doing as a family is going for walks. Whether this be in woods or the open countryside it’s quite calming, allows for Little E to run around and burn off steam and sometimes there’s some nice wildlife to see or logs to jump up and down on.

One thing that Little E likes is the Gruffalo stories and so when we found out that there was a Gruffalo trail in some woods not too far away we decided to check it out.

When we arrived, we picked up a map and headed off to find the various statues of the characters who appear in the story of the mouse taking a stroll through the woods and trying not to be eaten. We made it into a game of who could spot them first and obviously let Little E win every time a character came into view.

Apart from her shrieks of joy at finding the animals, it was a quiet and relaxing walk that was just long enough to keep her entertained but not too long to tire her out too much. I’m sure we’ll return again at some point to find the Gruffalo once more!