Back At Center Parcs! What Were We Thinking?

Despite not having the greatest of times before and saying we wouldn’t go back again until Little E was a bit older, we only went back to Center Parcs again, didn’t we?!

With two weeks booked off of work, events conspired against us to book a holiday abroad and halfway through the first week we realised we needed to do something to try and get some enjoyment out of the time off we had. And so we reluctantly logged onto the Center Parcs website and nabbed the very last available room at Woburn Forest.

The park is a lot smaller than Elveden and it’s also not as flat. This meant getting around on bikes was a pain as our lodge was right at the far corner of the park and at the top of a bloody great hill! Dragging a two-year-old and bags behind my bike on a trailer wasn’t the easiest thing in the word and I only managed to complete the journey twice. Every other time I ended up walking part of the way because I was too knackered!

We booked a couple of activities for Little E (Teddy Bears Picnic, Soccer School, Sensory Play), hired one of the electric boats to go out on the lake for a bit and spent a day at Woburn Safari Park, but most of the time we spent in the pool. Little E is getting braver in the water and so we treated her to a pair of goggles so that she could start going underwater and actually seeing where she was going!

Compared to last time, I think I enjoyed it more, but the actual park itself was a bit of a comedown, both in size and in the number of animals wandering around the place (read, zero!). Little E never did get to see her deer!