Time Away At Center Parcs

In a bid to get away from work and spend time together as a family, we booked a 4-night stay at Center Parcs, Elveden Forest in Suffolk. We’ve never been to Center Parcs or any of the other myriad of holiday parks available and so weren’t quite sure what to expect.

It was the first time in eight years that we’d not gone all inclusive or actually left the country for a summer holiday. In fact, this was all rather alien to us and so we relied on some tidbits of advice from friends and family who had actually endured these types of holidays before.

To say it was a success would be pushing it quite a bit but here are some highlights of our time at Center Parcs this week:

  • Bringing far too much food with us.
  • Still managing to spend £200 in restaurants.
  • Little E learning (the hard way) about stinging nettles.
  • Spending £20 for Little E to cry near a pony for 15 minutes.
  • Steep inclines on a bike towing a kid in a trailer.
  • The three of us going out on a pedalo but having to do all the pedalling myself.
  • Little E not sleeping, relegating me to a single bed and then falling out of it. Twice!

Our main problem was that as we had left this until the last minute to book, any activities that we thought Little E might like to try were all booked up. And we had to work everything around her nap times which then limited what we could do also.

Aside from the debacle with the pony, Little E seemed to enjoy herself. She liked the swimming pool and the (tiniest) beach (in the world), but her favourite thing was having the deer, ducks, geese and squirrels on our patio and getting to feed them as well. The joy in her face was amazing!

I guess I am in no hurry to go back there, at least not until Little E is quite a bit older and can go off and do things on her own without as much supervision from us.