Bill Bailey Larks In Transit

Last night The Wife and I had one of those rare nights out together when we went to see Bill Bailey on his latest tour at Chatham Central Theatre. The last time we’d been on a night out together without Little E in tow was last June, when we went to see Bat Out Of Hell The Musical so this was long overdue!

And so it was that we headed into Chatham for some musical whimsy. We’d both liked his comedy for years and had seen him live a couple of times before so we knew that we were in for a good night.

He did a fair bit of topical jokes (observations more than anything) and it took him a while to start playing his instruments but when he did, he didn’t disappoint. He even went off on a tangent at one point as he improvised a couple of songs all about Strood (what is it good for?) prior to the break, riffing off a shout out from the audience.

The second half was better as he did more of the musical comedy, knocking out tunes on his wide variety of instruments he had on stage with him. He ended with a few encores including rock songs played on cow bells which was really energetic for him. Altogether a decent night out that kept us laughing all evening. Hopefully the next night out together won’t be another year away!