Farewell To 2017. A Review

It’s time for the customary look back over the last twelve months as to what the hell has been going on in my world.

The year started really positively as I spent the first two and half months of the year on parental leave looking after Little E on my own. We spent most of our days going to different baby group sessions at the library or local children’s centre. We continued her swimming lessons (nursery rhymes in the pool) and had various days out to zoos, parks and shops. It was really lovely to get to spend time bonding with my little girl, precious time together that we both enjoyed. It’s just a shame that it was only three months.

In April I went to see the Pet Shop Boys at the Royal Albert Hall with my sister. They’re a band I’ve loved since I was a kid so to finally get to see them in concert with a full orchestra was quite an experience. And talking of experiences, I got to drive some supercars around a sodden racetrack in May, still thrilling, despite not being able to really hit top speed.

In June we took Little E on her first holiday abroad as we went to Barbados to celebrate the Wife’s fortieth birthday. Sunshine, sand and sea was the order of the day for a while. Upon our return, we had a rare night out together to see the Bat Out Of Hell Musical in London.

During July we had our work summer party at the Hyde Park BST festival to see such bands as the Kings of Leon and the Pixies. Neither of whom I particularly like, but it was a free day out! We then had our own team summer party on a canal boat up the Regents Canal.

Over the summer work intensified with a number of projects and a PRINCE2 course to attend, and then another free day out to watch the cricket at the Oval with colleagues for a day in September. We are quite lucky in the number of events we get to go to, but we do work hard when we are actually in the office!

We had a couple of days out to zoos in October and November, but the year fizzled out as we were both busy at work so there wasn’t much time out and about doing fun and interesting things.

At the end of the year, Christmas at our house consisted of both sides of the family spending time together for the first time in ever! Ten of us for Christmas dinner so there was the inevitable chaos during the day and plenty of post-dinner slumps!