Cob Tree Manor Park Fun In The Sun

As the sun was out yesterday, we headed out with the in-laws to Cob Tree Manor Park to enjoy what could be one of the few nice days we get this year.

We took a stroll around the park through the woodlands on a short route, as the kids weren’t enjoying it and would have rather gone and played with their football. The Wife and I would have probably chosen a longer route as we enjoy a good walk and pushing Little E in the pram isn’t a problem.

When we made it back to the main park area we had a quick picnic before the kids got their wish and got the ball out for a kick about. We had to be careful not to hit any of the other people around us so couldn’t go too mental! After playing we headed back to the cars as Little E was starting to get tired so we had to get her home for a nap.

It’s a lovely place and so we’ll probably head back at some point and take that longer route.