In The Wild Wildwood

After 3 months, it was my last weekday off yesterday with Little E before I go back to work on Monday and so I decided that the two of us would go out and have some fun together, and as we both like animals we went to Wildwood.

Wildwood is a small zoo in Kent that features species of native British animals such as deer, badgers, wild boar, wolves and Brown Bear. It doesn’t have the exotic animals such as lions and tigers but as Little E likes most types of animals it didn’t matter for her. She still gets the look of wonder on her face when she sees something new.

It’s not a huge park and so it didn’t take that long to go around but there is a wide selection of animals to see, and apart from those animals mentioned above there was also a couple of lynx which were probably my favourite. You can’t beat a big(ish) cat.

This three months has gone quite quickly but we’ve had a good time, it’s just a shame that it has to end. I guess I should be grateful that I got the opportunity to do this in the first place.