Farewell to 2016. A Review

Well it certainly has been a busy, joyful and memorable year.

The main event of the year, and what has been the focus of our lives since (and hence not many updates on this site), was the birth of our daughter in February. The last month or so of The Wife’s pregnancy wasn’t as straight forward as we’d hoped and so the birth was brought forward on the doctor’s advice. Since then, our life has been devoted to her so we don’t get up to as much as we have in previous years.

We spent random days going out to see interesting and historical places around the south of England, places like Hever Castle and Hampton Court Palace and we tried to visit some zoos to let Little E experience animals close up.

I will be getting to spend the next few months with her as I am taking shared parental leave when The Wife goes back to work in the New Year. It will be a chance for me to bond with her and hopefully show her some exciting things.

What other limited social life I had centered around West Ham. I got to see the final game at the Boleyn Ground and then took my seat in the new stadium as a season ticket holder.

But the year ended on a rather sad note as my father passed away suddenly, a week after my birthday last month. The next few weeks our lives centered around arranging his funeral with help from my sister and he was eventually laid to rest in December.

I’ll miss him, there’s no doubt about that. I’ve spent the last few weeks reminiscing, thinking back to my childhood trying to remember as much about him as I can. And I’m also sad that Little E won’t grow up to know him, but at least she did meet him a few times. I’ll just have to make sure that I tell her all about him so that he can live on in our memories.