Winging It To Wingham

It wouldn’t be a birthday in our family (assuming it’s not a big birthday) if we didn’t end up doing something animal-related and this year was no different, as yesterday, the three of us headed down to Wingham Wildlife Park as a treat for my birthday.

It’s not a huge park but it has grown from a bird sanctuary in it’s early days to a zoo with a good range of animals. The last time we were here they had just taken on two tiger cubs and these had now grown into young adult tigers. We were there at feeding time and so were able to see how big these beautiful cats have become as the keeper made them stretch for their dinner.

That is some reach!

Favourite bit for me was walking through the lemur enclosure and having them clamber all over you. Although The Wife and Little E weren’t too keen on it!

There’s also leopards, lions, parrots, penguins, reindeer, goats, chimpanzees (although they were doing their best to hide from us) and flamingos to name but a few. It’s a good little day out and when we’ve been the park’s not been too busy so you can spend your time just wandering around, and the keepers are pretty happy to take time out to talk to you.