Star Wars Battlefront

As rubbish as I am with FPS games on the Playstation, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of buying Star Wars Battlefront when it came out last week. It’s Star Wars for Christ’s sake!

The game itself is brilliant to play, putting you in a number of locations from the Star Wars universe (Hoth, and letting you blast away your opponents in the usual array of multiplayer games such as Blast (which is your classic Deathmatch), Droid Run and Supremacy. You also get the chance to fly some of the iconic aircraft including X-wings, TIE fighters and even the Millennium Falcon.

While the majority of games sees you play as generic Empire or Rebel Alliance characters there are a couple of modes where you can play as the main heroes and villains as well. Using the Force push as Luke Skywalker is amusing at times!

Being as rubbish as I am I have spent most of the time coming in the bottom three of Blast matches and levelling up very slowly!