Jimeoin Live

It was time to hit the comedy trail again last night as The Wife and I headed to Dartford to catch Northern Irish funny man Jimoein in his new show, Yeehaa! That’s what it’s called, I wasn’t doing that as some kind of “Yes, I went to see Jimeoin” outburst!

We have seen him live once before, when we hit the Edinburgh Fringe festival a couple of years ago when his was probably the funniest show we saw there, so we were expecting lots of laughs again, and we weren’t disappointed.

He came on stage and opened with “Hi, I’m Jimeoin and I don’t know how to pronounce it either!” and from then on I don’t think we stopped laughing until the end. His style and delivery is quite slow and his jokes hit home every time, even when he did his jokes just for the women!

At the end of the show he picked up his guitar and did some ‘songs’. These tend to be humurous one or two-liners the funniest of which was his love song that starts, and ends, with the lyrics “Balls deep”. It was a very funny show and if he’s in your local area you should check him out.