Rob Beckett, Mouth of the South

Last night we headed down to Maidstone for a night of comedy as we went to see Rob Beckett performing at the Hazlitt Theatre as part of his Mouth Of The South tour.

We have seen him live previously, when he was part of the Teenage Cancer Trust Comedy night at the Royal Albert Hall last year and we’ve always liked him when he’s appeared on shows such as Mock The Week.

It was his first night on tour and you could tell that he was excited about it. There were a couple of parts where he appeared to wander off a bit but he got it back on track. And accidentally insulting a young girl with her dad in the audience probably threw him a little bit as he tried to hide his embarrassment.

When the show ended, he came back on to do an encore that he really wasn’t expecting to do and he continued his banter with the crowd before finishing off and then shaking the hand of everyone as they left the theatre, thanking them for coming to the show! Such a nice touch!