Time To Retire From Football

Back in 1981 I went along to a local football club with a couple of friends from school for a kick about and thus began the football journey that would last for 34 years.

Now it is time for that journey to come to an end as I finally retire from playing regular Sunday football at the ripe old age of 40. The injuries have started racking up and the body is starting to ache more and for longer after games and while I still enjoy the actual playing part it’s that recovery that is starting to take it’s toll on me.

In those years I have played for 8 different clubs:

Spartac FC
Santos FC
Rainham Kenilworth
Rainham 84
Rainham 84 Men’s
Greenwich University
Cricketers FC
Medway 2000

I’ve taken part in tournaments around the country and even got to be part of the only English team taking part in a tournament in France. I’ve played in every position except for goalkeeper. I’ve played in countless cup finals, scored hundreds of goals, including one scored after a solo run from the half way line which was the winner in a cup final as well as volleys and headers. I’ve had lots of injuries and I’ve only been sent off twice!

This morning was my last game for Medway 2000 and despite losing heavily (with only nine players) it was an enjoyable game in the rain. Even The Wife came along to watch me play for probably only the fifth time ever in the twenty-odd years we’ve been together. It was a shame to go out on a loss but we can’t have everything I guess!