Knole Park
Knole Park

Visiting The Grassy Knole

A rare Sunday with no football to play (without recovering from injury) and so we decided to take advantage of this spare time and the decent enough weather to go out for a country walk.

Utilising our National Trust membership we headed over to Sevenoaks to visit Knole Park a large countryside park that dates back to medieval times. It’s about a thousand acres of woods and grassland which is home to hundreds of deer and Knole House, a large mansion, although this was closed on our visit.

After getting lost finding the place, or more accurately, sent the wrong way by Google Maps, we eventually found the place and parked up by the house. Donning our hats and sunglasses we started our afternoon stroll walking up past the house and onto the vast expanse of grassland.

There is a golf course that cuts across the grounds and so we had to be careful at a few points on the walk, making sure there were no stray golf balls heading in our direction. It wasn’t long before we encountered our first group of deer and we got as close to them as we could before they started wandering away from us.
Knole Park Deer
Despite the cold it was a lovely day and we took our time just wandering around, enjoying the views and the occasional group of deer. There were a lot of fallen trees around the grounds, good enough to climb on and had I been a kid I probably would have had a go, but at my age it’s not such a good idea. Although I did manage to find one to climb into after a bit of persuasion from The Wife.

We eventually headed back to the car having walked around probably twenty percent of the total park so there’s no reason not to come back as there is still lots to explore.