King Gong @ The Comedy Store

Last night was our next Funday Monday team night out and as it was my turn to decide where to go and to organise the whole thing, I opted to go to the Comedy Store in Leicester Square for a night of stand-up mirth.

The show was not like a traditional stand up show, it was the King Gong event. It’s an open mic event meaning anyone can take part, and the comics get five minutes to do their material. But three members of the audience have red cards and if they don’t like them, or feel that the rest of the audience want them off the stage the comic is shown the red card. Three red cards and they’re out.

It is a fast paced evening with not many comics making it through the full five minutes, in fact some of them failed to make it past 30 seconds!

One of my favourites was a guitar-playing comic doing a love song about Group Sex Club which was not only funny but clever. Unfortunately he didn’t make it through, getting gonged off after about three and a half minutes.

It is a brutal night for a comic and the longer the show goes on the more raucous the crowd get, and two of the three finalists were from the first half of the show when the crowd aren’t so drunk.