More Free Calman Comedy

We had another night of free comedy last night with our second visit to watch Susan Calman’s new radio show Listomania being recorded.

Getting tickets for these BBC radio recordings is a bit hit-or-miss. When you apply you are told that your application doesn’t necessary mean that you will get the tickets. And even if you do get tickets, you’re not guaranteed to get in because they send out more tickets than seats to ensure that even if people don’t turn up there is a full house.

You need to get your ticket validated a couple of hours before the show to prove that you’re going to attend after which you can then head off and get something to eat nearby, which we always tend to do.

The venue last night wasn’t the BBC Radio Theatre where most shows take place but at the RADA Studios just off Tottenham Court Road. And they didn’t have the same smooth process to get in.

For a start, despite telling people that tickets would be validated from 5.15pm we all had to queue outside in the freezing cold for an hour. So by the time we’d made it to the front of the queue, we only had a short time to go and get something to eat. Luckily we found somewhere and so after wolfing down some food went back to watch the show.

The contestants included Miles Jupp, Sarah Cox and James Acaster and just like last time, it was a very funny show and ran on for a lot longer than it’s intended half hour slot. Don’t fancy the job of editing that down!