Miss Saigon

Last night, The Wife and I had our first night out of 2015 with a trip to see Miss Saigon at the Prince Edward Theatre in the West End.

Set during the Vietnam war it tells the story of an American GI called Chris and a young Vietnam girl called Kim who get together just as the war is coming to an end and the US are getting ready to ship out of the country against.

They are then separated as he fails to get her out of the country and he is shipped back home. The show then tells the tale of her plan to get to the US with the help of her former employer The Engineer, who has his own sights set on his American Dream.

We originally went to see this show back in 1999 and all I remember from then was that I got confused with the story and didn’t really enjoy it so I was a bit apprehensive about going to see it again.

However, as The Wife had managed to get a pair of free tickets it would have been a shame to turn it down. And I’m glad I didn’t because I enjoyed it a lot more than I had done previously. Maybe as I’ve got older I can appreciate things a bit more, maybe the new production made the show better, or maybe it was the scantily clad ladies on stage (it wasn’t, honest!), but whatever the reason was, my opinion of the show has changed for the better.