A Free Comedy Night Out

Last night, The Wife and I headed out after work for a night of free comedy courtesy of the BBC as we went to watch a recording of a new radio quiz show called Listomania, hosted by funny lady person Susan Calman at the Radio Theatre at BBC Broadcasting House.

We’ve often been to recordings of BBC shows at this venue as the tickets are free and we’re in London anyway so it’s not like we have to pay to get there either. Getting hold of tickets can be hard though because you’re not guaranteed getting one if you apply.

The show, being called Listomania, is all about lists. From the humble to-do list to the infamous bucket list, guests are challenged to come up with lists based on different criteria. One round involves suggesting items that should come off a bucket list, while another round sees one team guess the name of a person who the other team have come up with a fictional to-do list for.

The recording went on for about an hour and a half and as the show will probably only be half an hour long, there’s going to be a lot of stuff left out of the show when it airs next month, especially the rude and possibly libelous stuff that was mentioned!