Farewell to 2014. A Review

I initially thought that we didn’t get up to that much this year but then it suddenly dawned on me that 2014 has been quite a busy year.

We are finally getting close to having our house fixed and all in good working order but it has been another struggle trying to deal with the incompetent building company and their army of just-as-incompetent contractors with us having to resort to involving the insurance company to threaten further action from our part.

It was a year of travelling for us as we went on three holidays this year, which is really unlike us. There was our new year holiday in Mauritius, a trip back ‘home’ to Toronto in September and then the Bali holiday in November. This means that we racked up about 35,000 miles in airplanes this year.

We had visits to concerts and comedy events including Barry Manilow and Sarah Millican and the usual days out at zoos and a car show.

Gaming was a big part of the year, as the release of a few games for the PS4 kept me gaming happy after my initial disillusionment at the beginning of the year.

The big event of the year was my 40th birthday which I got to celebrate while in Bali. The Wife had planned a surprise trip and I didn’t find out the destination until we got to the airport. We had an amazing trip which included some diving with manta rays, being attacked by monkeys, trips to waterfalls and being pampered to within an inch of my life. We stayed in some wonderful hotels and had private pools. Just luxurious!

I better start planning her one now. Only got 2 years…