A Trip To Les Waterfall

We were up early this morning for a trip to Les Waterfall. By bike!!

I’m not quite sure when it was that we decided that this would be a good idea but we headed out anyway onto the coastal road for the easiest part of the journey, a 9km ride along the road.

We then turned up towards Les village where The Wife decided that walking with the bike was easier. After about half an hour we saw a sign saying “Waterfall 500m” which turned out to be a lie as this was only where we were to park the bikes. We still had a 20 minute hike to do to get there!

When we arrived, we stripped down and cooled off under the freezing cold water trying not to slip over on the slippery rocks. We then had a leisurely breakfast before starting the long journey back again. It was hard going in the final stages along the main road but we made it back, knackered but in one piece.

We then spent the rest of the day recovering by the pool resting our aching limbs!