Wheel Life Problems

When I’ve played GT5 or GT6 I’ve always found it easier to control the cars using a wheel instead of the dualshock controller. You feel as though you have a bit more control than just trying to steer with a small stick. However, because my wheel is quite old, and is a cheap-ish one, it means that it is not compatible with the PS4. in fact, not many wheels are!

And so with the release of Driveclub I decided to get myself a new wheel so that I could be not quite as rubbish on the new console. There are only four wheels that are confirmed as compatible with DriveClub and the now-delayed Project Cars on the PS4 and they are all made by Thrustmaster. Two of these cost £300 or more so that rules those out. Of the remaining two, one of them doesn’t have force feedback which enhances the experience of sim racing so that really on left one, the Thrustmaster T100.

The cheapest place that I could find it, surprise surprise, was Amazon and as I had a £40 voucher just sitting in my account waiting to be used, it would have been stupid not to buy it wouldn’t it?

The only downside (if you can call it that) is that I need to get a stand for it as well, as this would give it more stability. I won’t be able to use it quite as easily on my lap like my old one!

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