Disastrous Driveclub

After the release of Alien Isolation this week, there was another big PS4 release yesterday in the shape of DriveClub, the first proper next-gen racing game for the PS4.

The game has been beset with problems as it was supposed to be a PS4 launch title in November last year but was then delayed a couple of times until it finally turned up a mere 11 months late! However, the whole online function has had to be turned off as the servers couldn’t cope with the number of players and the amount of social connectivity going on in the game.

So although it is possible to play the game if you just want to race, you don’t yet get the full experience of in-race challenges (called face-offs), racing for a club and challenging other clubs for a bit of one-upmanship.

For a game that is supposed be centered around the whole social thing, it’s not been a great start for Driveclub!

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