Being A Tourist For The Day

Our first full day in Toronto and after grabbing a bit of breakfast at the nearby Tim Hortons we jumped onto one of the City Sightseeing tour buses for an open-top trip around the city.

It’s a good way to take in all that Toronto has to offer including trips through the distillery district, museum district, the harbour front and Casa Loma. There was a stop right outside our hotel so we did the whole tour in one go and made notes on where to visit afterwards. The tour included a boat trip around Toronto Islands where you can get a great view of the city from Lake Ontario.

After the boat tour we got back on the bus and then disembarked at the Distillery District for a look around and a stop at the Mill Street Brew Pub to sample some locally brewed beers.

We then strolled along to the St Lawrence Market, one of the largest markets in the world selling fresh meat and fish , fruit and vegetables and a host of other food items. We tried one of the famous peameal bacon sandwiches from the Carousel Bakery and it was delicious!

We continued our stroll through the city and just missed out on the last tour of the day at another brewery but still got to sample some of the Steamwhistle’s lager.

After a quick pit stop back at the hotel to freshen up, we headed out for the evening, this time to watch a game of hockey at the Air Canada Centre to see the Toronto Maple Leafs play the Philadelphia Flyers. Canadians love their hockey and the game was a sell-out despite it only being a pre-season game.

When we booked the tickets a couple of weeks ago, there weren’t any seats together and so we bought the closest two together which was a seat either side of a line of four seats. We though that we could just ask to swap one seat with whoever had the two between us so that we could sit next to each other. Unfortunately, despite them being in the same block on the seating plan online, the seats were actually in different blocks and so we ended up sitting with a huge barrier between us with The Wife sitting higher up than I was. It made it a bit awkward to talk throughout the game!

The game itself was quite an exciting one, we got to see a punch-up within the first couple of minutes and the Leafs played really well. I was quite in awe of the skill that the guys show with the puck and at speed as well. In the end the Leafs won the game 4-0 and so we were 2 for 2 in the results of the games we’d been to see. Maybe we should stick around as we obviously brought them good luck!
Toronto Maple Leafs