Fright Night

Despite losing the gaming mojo recently, a game has been released on the PS4 which could ignite the flame a little bit.

Outlast has been touted as the scariest game ever and it’s easy to see why. The game takes place in an mental hospital facility type place, as you investigate some goings-on. In this game you have no gun, you have no torch. The only light you have is the one generated by your camcorder. This gives the screen an eery green tint and combined with the haunting soundtrack makes for a very creepy setting.

I gave the game a quick blast last night, putting on my headphones and turning the lights down just to create even more atmosphere and was scared shitless twice in the first half hour! In a way I was glad when my headphone battery ran out shortly after!

There’s some good gameplay videos on YouTube so take a look for yourself at this new game for the PS4.

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