A Fully Functional, Finished Fireplace. Finally!

It’s taken 30 days. Although they only worked for 11 of them. But we finally have a full, finished and functional fireplace.

Today the put the finishing touches to it, which included moving the stove away from the back of the fireplace as there should have been a gap there in the first place. They then had to fit an elbow section so that it would reach the flue that was already fitted into place. The elbow and flue were then painted matt black to match the stove.

Because we live in a smoke controlled area, we had to have the stove modified so that it met these regulations. This involved replacing the top air vent with a different piece which stops you from fully closing the vents down.

The wooden beam mantelpiece had to be fixed into place and so did the wooden surround for the bottom of the hearth and finally a carbon-dioxide meter was fitted to the bricks, as all stoves have to have one of these fitted now so that it meets regulations.

So this evening we’ll be able to sit down in front of a roaring fire. It’s coming along slowly but the house has taken it’s first step into becoming our home!

fully functional fireplace finally

It’ll look better when it’s lit!