Getting A Fireplace Built

One thing that The Wife wanted when we were looking to buy a new house, was either for the property to have a fireplace, or to have the space to be able to put one in. And luckily the one we’ve just bought had the space to have one built.

We had been recommended a woodtsove company in Stapleshurst by our chimney sweep a long time ago and so we’d taken a trip down there about a year ago to talk to them about getting a fireplace and wood burning stove built into the lounge. This was before we’d even found the house we’ve just moved into.

There was lots of things to decide on including type of brick, colour of brick, type and size of wood for the mantlepiece, whether or not to tile the hearth, the stove to put in, whether to go full brick to the ceiling, how wide to make the whole thing. It got a bit complicated at times

And so after many months of phone calls, emails and texts trying to organise everything, today the builders turned up to start laying the hearth and building the fireplace. We’ve been told it will take about 5 days to do so hopefully by the weekend we’ll be able to light a nice cosy fire in the evenings!

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