Fireplace Update

Having been told that the fireplace would take about 5 days to build we’re into the 7th day (they took a day off on Sunday) and it still isn’t finished.

The brick work has all been completed and the tiles have been laid onto the hearth so that The Wife can put her candles on it and scratch any molten wax off them without fear of damaging the brick work. So all that needs to be done now is to get the woodstove into place and connect the flue and chimney.

But the company we’re using for all this, the Woodstove Trading Company, haven’t got the stove yet. Apparently it is in Belgium at the moment and is on it’s way, but they haven’t got it yet. It could be in by the end of the week. Could be.

So it looks as though we’re going to have to go another week waiting for something to be finished! Which may also mean taking more time off to be here while they finish the job.

But here’s what it looked like through last week:

Fireplace 1

Fireplace 2

Fireplace 3


Fireplace 5

Fireplace 6

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