Another Fireplace Update

So the fireplace still isn’t finished after 9 days of work over a period of 25 days. The reason for the long delay was that the fireplace we ordered didn’t even arrive into the country until Monday, despite us putting the order in with the company at the end of last year!

We were told that all that would be needed would be one more day to finish it all off. So yesterday, they came and actually installed the stove onto the hearth and started fixing in the flue through the wall to the outside. But for some reason they still didn’t manage to finish everything off!

No, they’ve got to come back tomorrow to install the rest of the flue and to fix the beam as our mantelpiece and to finish off the hearth by putting the edging on to cover up the side of the bricks and tiles.

I’m beginning to think that it won’t be finished tomorrow either!