Olympic Basketball Half-Time Entertainment

As part of the show at the Basketball games at the Olympics half time entertainment is provided to keep the crowd buzzing (I bet they don’t get it at the diving!).

During half-time in the Lithuania v USA game we were entertained by the Crazy Dunkers, an acrobatic basketball squad from France. They’ve appeared at the last two Olympic games in Athens and Beijing and have also entertained alesewhere around the world.

With the use of one basketball hoop, four mini trampolines, a crashmat and some balls they thrilled the crowd with their antics. Here’s some of their show:

It would have been funny to see something like this as well:

During the China v Brazil game it was the turn of Get Tricky to keep us entertained. They are an International Jump Rope Performance squad (or, skippers, as I like to think of them!) that do routines of skipping and acrobatics. It doesn’t sound that brilliant does it? But it was!

Unfortunately as we weren’t expecting it to be any good, I didn’t record any of it, but here’s the routine from halftime at another game:

And some of their practising as well: