Nearly Time For Kick-Off

The football league season gets under way on Saturday (despite league cup games having taken place during this week) which means it’s time to start thinking about fantasy football teams and leagues once again!

As usual, my game of choice is the Sun’s Dream Team and I’ve got 4 teams set up and ready to do battle with other teams in the Fantasy Soccerball mini league. The Fantasy Soccerball league has been running for about 9 years now but I’ve only won once! Last year was a bit of a non-event as work commitments meant I didn’t have time to do the usual updates and so it just ran on its own.

I’ve also got a team running in the Premier League’s one and this time it’s going up against members of the O&R clan as well as some work colleagues. Knowing my previous performance with this game, I’m probably going to mount a challenge for last place!