Photo Opportunity

As we’re putting our house on the market we needed to get the estate agents round to first value the property, which they did a few days ago, but they also had to take photos of the house to put on the various property websites and as we’ve been really busy trying to get ‘Other Shit Done’ the earliest we could get them round was today. But this still meant that The Wife and I had to clean and tidy the place up to make it looking pretty amazing.

We made a lot of progress yesterday, including hiding a lot of things away, but there was still more to be done today. One of those was something I have never done in my life…ironing a duver cover! How bloody difficult is that?

We eventually had the place looking good, and the last thing to do was to check to make sure there were no identifying photos of us on show. So I printed off a few random ‘non-us’ photos onto A4 paper, cut them down to the right size and swapped them for the ones in the frames.

The estate agent arrived (early, which was a surprise and very out of character for the company he works for!) and we set about taking photos, moving furniture to make the rooms look bigger than they actually are (a good trick!) and making sure that we got the best shot of each room.

Unfortunately he couldn’t take many photos as his battery was dying (that’s more like it) and so he said he may have to pop back to get some more of the outside, although my car would end up being in them if we wern’t around to move it.

Hopefully they’ll be able to get them uploaded tomorrow and so it will actually be on sale sooner rather than later as we need to move quickly if we are to sell and exchange by the end of the month!

The rest of the day (and evening) was spent filling in mortgage application forms as well as solicitors forms as we have to get things moving fast. And that is why this weekend just disappeared from underneath us!