Moving House

For about a year and a half now, The Wife and I have been looking to move home, mainly because we’re running out of space in our current house. We’ve been there for just over 9 years and it’s been a wonderful house to live in, but the time has come for us to move onwards and upwards.

The only problem is that we may only have 5 rooms in our house but they are all of a big size. Trying to find a house with a couple more bedrooms, and the all important dining room, that are of an approximate size to what we’ve currently got has been tough. The overall square-footage (is that a word?) of a property when going from a 2 bed to 3 bed house doesn’t increase by much and all you get is an extra room squeezed in and the other rooms get smaller as well.

Our lounge at the moment is also quite big, and all our furniture fits into it (we’ve got a huge, comfortable sofa and chairs!) so trying to get that into a smaller space isn’t possible. We’re not picky. Honest!

So after 18 months of looking without finding anything that we both liked, we finally found a property and having spent the last 4 days running round like maniacs we put a deposit down on it a few hours ago!

It started on Saturday, when we went to view the property with the estate agents. It’s a new build so at the moment it’s just a shell of a house with a roof on it. As we had a couple of questions about it that they couldn’t answer (we would maybe want to make a couple of changes to the layout) they recommended that we meet with the developer to go over the options available to us. This meeting was made for the next day.

So on Sunday afternoon we went through the plans, discussing what could be done, all within our budget obviously (if we had an extra £30k we could do whatever we wanted pretty much. £30k? Haha! As if!). After three and a half hours, we make an appointment to meet him and his designer up at the property on Tuesday night to actually see first hand what changes could be done and to better visualise it.

We then head off to our mums to get their advice as this is a big deal for us, and it would be stupid not to get as much advice as we possibly could. This takes about another three hours and we eventually get home – having missed the Euro 2012 final.

On Tuesday night we met up with the two guys at the poerty and spend around 2 hours discussing knocking down a kitchen wall to make a large kitchen diner, move another couple of walls to open the space up, as well as to remove an en-suite bathroom (get us!) to make the main bathroom bigger. I need room for my daily ablutions! And then it’s back to their office for another 2 hours discussing fixtures and finishings and to talk money.

We are given until Wednesday afternoon to make a final decision, as the changes we want to make need to be made ASAP as they are cracking on with getting the property built and we are holding them up.

It’s back up to the mother in law’s for a fleeting visit on Wednesday to get even more advice, and we then spend the rest of the day visiting some woodstove companies as The Wife wants to put a fireplace into the lounge (at extra cost to us) and so we need to find out how much it will cost and if it will be possible given the short time frame we are working with.

Having made the final decision to go ahead with it, it’s back to the estate agents and developers (they share the same building) for 4pm to start all of the necessary paperwork.

5 hours later (that’s FIVE HOURS later!) we get out, having made changes to the floor covers and paint, chosen doors and kitchen units and more importantly, paid our deposit.

Because it’s a new build the developer wants to get things moving quickly and so we could be exchanging within 28 days and moving 4-6 weeks after that. We could be in our new home by the middle of September!

All we hope for now is that there are no major cock-ups and delays from now on and no nasty surprises, But there’s still a lot of work that we’ve got to do, most importantly of all is sell our house…