Kitchen Dilemma

The next stage in getting things sorted for the house is to decide on what kind of kitchen to have put in. We’ve got a choice of two styles with about 4 colours in each. Unfortuantely our budget won’t stretch to the style we’d like, so it’s a case of settling for second best with whatever we go for.

We’d had a plan drawn up previously but with a deadline looming (Friday) for actually choosing it we were humming and aaghing about it and contemplating changing our minds. So we headed down to Howdens the joinery company who are supplying the kitchen to see what other options there would be.

We took a look at the two different styles as well as the colour variations, which is hard to do with just a door of a cupboard and small chunk of worktop and so we sat down with one of the designers to get it built out in 3D on the computer so we could see it better.

He was able to change the colourings of not just the doors and worktop but also of the walls and floor as well so we could see how different tile colours would affect the overall layout. It was quite difficult trying to imagine them actually in the house because you can’t get the lighting right, and there’s always going to be a slight difference in the rendered product and seeing it the flesh.

After a couple of hours(!!!) we decided to move a couple of units around, swap the sink from left-handed to right-handed, add some drawers in to our one long unit – to help with The Wife’s OCD about symmetry – and remove one cupboard totally (it was stuck on the wall on it’s own and looked out of place).

Having managed to sort all that out we ended up keeping the colour scheme we had originally. Mainly because to change it to wooden doors (the other option) meant we would have had to change both the colour of the worktop and the flooring in the room as well as the dining room section, and with only a day or two to get this organised, we didn’t have the time to go and sort that out.

Hopefully what we’ve chosen will be fine, and won’t look out of place. We’ll find out in a few weeks…