An Update On The Move

So Project Arlo is underway and as mentioned in yesterday’s post, the property we’re buying is a new build and so it isn’t actually finished yet. When we’ve been up to look at it, we’ve had to dodge scaffolding poles, mind workmen’s tools, climb through wooden partitions and use a ladder to get to the first floor as there are no stairs in it yet!

Here’s what the house looks like from the inside at the moment. Or at least how it was at the weekend when we went up there with teh estate agents:

As you can see, there’s still a fair bit of work to be done yet. Although the developer reckons we could be in at the end of August! Some of the changes that we wanted to be done have already been made to the kitchen and to the bathroom so we’d like to get up there soon to see how much of a difference it has made to the overall look of the place.

This afternoon it was off to see a financial advisor to get some financial advice, funnily enough. So another hour’s meeting discussing various mortgage paying strategies to be told that the one that we had previously found was a great deal that he couldn’t match.

As he couldn’t help us, we then spent another hour on the phone to the bank going through the mortgage application and so we now have to wait for all the paperwork to come through before we actually sign our life away!