Time For A Change

On the 4th February 2004 I started work with a company called Decide Interactive as a Search Engine Marketing Engineer. I was involved in all aspects of SEM managing PPC campaigns as well as Paid Inclusion work and through two company buy-outs (the first by 24/7 Real Media, and then by WPP) managed to get myself working with product data feeds, managing comparison shopping engine clients and still doing PI (until Yahoo pulled the product at the end of 2009.

I was lucky in that I had a job that I thoroughly enjoyed. A role that was challenging, allowed me to be creative and presented me with problems that I would throw myself into to try and solve them. I was responsible for a small team and I like to think that we worked well together and that came across in our work.

However, all that went to pot in April last year when, against my wishes, we were forced to take over a new client. The reason we had to take it was that the previous company (lets call them Mocaidem) – part of the same group as us – had done such a poor job, that the relationship with the client was at breaking point and rather than lose it altogether, Mocaidem passed it over to us.

It was a posioned chalice. We later found out that even before it was given to us they were already in talks with another company to take it over. And not only that, Mocaidem were instigating the talks! So much for getting support!

Inevitably, we lost the business (there’s a surprise!) to another company and as a result it was decided that my department would be shut down. There was no more work for us to do. Which left me with a bit of a dilemma, what was I going to do next?

My role is quite specialised, using software that no-one (in the UK at least) was really using anymore, in an online segment that wasn’t growing at a particularly fast rate compared to other areas such as social and search. I’d got myself pigeonholed into an area of online marketing that wasn’t going anywhere.

So 8 years to the day after I started with Decide Interactive, we officially handed over the client to the new company and thus begins a new chapter in my work life. It’s going to be a bit tough over the next few weeks as I come to terms with having to start training in a whole new area of digital marketing, but it’s one that I’m looking forward to.