So Long 2011, It’s Been…Different!

As we trudge drearily into 2012, it’s time to take a look back at 2011 from a ryandrews perspective.

January: The year starts with big hopes. Maybe we’ll move house, into something bigger. The Wife’s new job should be a good, exciting challenge. However, I get a speeding ticket on New Years Day, miss out on meeting Duran Duran, and get injured playing football so I’m out for 5 weeks. Crap start!

February: After months of preparation and time spent looking forward to it, The Wife and I head off on our honeymoon to Borneo and Langkawi. We get to play with Orang-utans, I get ill and we drive up a mountain. A wonderful experience leaving us with some great memories.

March: Nothing much happens for a while after returning from our honeymoon. We start registering with estate agents as we contemplate moving house.

April: West Ham are relegated from the Premier League. At least we’ll win some games next season though, eh? My car breaks down on an important journey to see my sister for her 40th birthday. Think the 9 year old motor might be on it’s last legs so contemplate thinking about possibly maybe looking at seeing what to buy if it does go completely. I become an Uncle once again this time to a nephew. He’s a big’un!

May: The start of what has been the worst 9 months in my working career. Ever. And that includes the time I was beaten up by cocaine-dealing morons in the pub I was working in! We take over an account that had been mishandled prior to our involvement, with a client that never give us their backing and who were already looking to taking their business elsewhere. As a result we are understaffed and unable to recruit, and so I end up doing 60+ hour weeks to try to cover the workload.

June: Apart from The Wife’s birthday, June passes by in a fog! Work continues to be shit, so we start planning our Route 66 trip as I need something to look forward to through the dark days at work.

July: Work continues to be shit (colleague gets fired!) but at the end of the month we get notice that the client is leaving us, having never really given us a chance. Unfortunately it’s going to take 6 months! So not only do we have to do the already heavy workload to do but now have to manage a transition, and train the new company to do the work! Workload increases.

August: “The Client” and the workload…’Nuff said.

September: Realise that I could be out of a job in the New Year once The Client fucks off. Start contemplating what to do but decide to wait until after our holiday so as not to ruin that. I’ve been looking forward to it for ages!

October: Route 66!! The second biggest highlight of the year is our road trip from Chicago to LA along the mother road. An incredible experience, but I wish we’d had more time to do it as it felt a bit rushed in places. However, still a great journey, we see some great sights, meet some nice people. Will never forget it! And on the plus side it means 3 weeks off work!

November: Birthday month and get to spend time with family and friends at the wonder that is Gaucho. I love steak! Client transition at 40% but still having to work long hours. How is that possible? My football team look to be on the verge of collapse as we struggle to get players together for matches.

December: Client transition now at 60% but somehow we are just as busy despite the loss of the 3 largest country accounts. Start thinking about what I want to do next year, not quite sure just yet, but I think I’m safe within the company, just need to find something to move into. I deliver an ultimatum to players of my football club, one more week of not having enough players and we’ll fold. Could be hanging-up-my-boots time.

And so that’s it. Apart from February and October a pretty rough year. Here’s hoping that 2012 will be a better one in all aspects.